Art Rooms and Gallery

 Long Gone

Latest Painting - 'Long Gone' 

 This is the latest painting - Long Gone.  It will be reproduced for limited prints as all the other paintings but this image will also be the Christmas Card for 2017.  Each year Goff produces a painting and the image becomes the latest card.  They are limited edition and are sent out to private collectors or people who buy artwork around the Christmas period.

Charity Donation to Market Hall Cinema, Brynmawr

Donation of Ltd Edition Print to Market Hall Cinema

 Goff and Martin Fletcher of Martins Gallery with  a limited edition print of the Market Hall Cinema named 'Late Again'.  Goff donated the print and Martin the frame to celebrate the re-openingof the Market Hall after being closed due to building work.


Robert 'Mac' Adams visits Studio/Gallery

World famous artist Mac Adams or 'Mac' visited the studio.  He was in the UK to organise a London Exhibition of his work.  Mac lives in New York and is Senior Professor of Fine Art and New York State University.  he also has his own design studio.  He has large sculptures that have been commissioned all over the world. There are books on his work in the gallery if anyone would like to call in and see them.

Mac is originally from Brynmawr and although staying in Cardiff visiting friends, he took time out to come the the studio/gallery to meet me.  We were in the same school many years ago and it was great to see him and talk about his latest projects.


Goff and Mac in the Artrooms Gallery 

 BNB Art Festival 

The Artrooms Gallery hosted a musical evening at the gallery as part of the art festival in 2015.

Musical Evening at Artrooms Gallery













Visitors to Artrooms Gallery


Musical Evening at Artrooms Gallery













The Goff Danter Art Studion & Artrooms Gallery

Goff's artist studio is on the top floor of the old Mitre Hotel, which is now two shops - Travellers World and a bridal shop. Although the postal address is 50a Beaufort Street, the door to the studio is in Worcester Street under the large arched window next to the mural. Goff's studio area is on the top floor and the gallery areas are on the floor directly above Travellers World. 

Outside Studio and Showrooms

The studio area was once a flat so Goff has had plenty of room to paint and draw.  

Having been at this address for almost 16 years Goff has completed over 350 paintings.  Its a substantial space and ideal for its purpose.

Goff is a prolific artist and a perfectionist. He is constantly working on new paintings which sell out to a wide range of private collectors.  He has a determination to maintain his current succes in today's art market while maintaining a high standard of work for all his customers.

The Art Rooms Gallery

The floor below the studio was taken over in January 2013.  It is now The Art Rooms Gallery. The name is in memory of the time Goff spent in the art rooms of Brynmawr Comprehensive with his late art teacher Ken Jones.  

There are three exhibition rooms.  There are a number of original paintings on loan at times from private collectors but in the main there are a wide range of giclee prints in both paper and canvas.  There may also be one or two original paintings available at any one time but originals are either sold immediately to private collectors or are sent to other galleries for exhibition.

The art studio and gallery is not just about selling art, its aim is to ensure visitors have an art experience when they visit.  There are plenty of artworks on display and many artbooks for students, artists and visitors to see.

A new range of open-edition prints have been printed by I-Pixel (who mainly do all Goff's printing)  These are being sold in black frames and are priced at £30 each to ensure the artwork meets eveyone's needs. 

Students and artists are more than welcome to visit the gallery and see the wide range of art on display and talk to Goff and Christine about. Many secondary schools in South Wales are studying Goff as part of the art curriculum, so there are regular visits to the gallery to see his work and talk to the artist about his painting methods. Schools and colleges are more than welcome to visit the studio/gallery but the number of pupils must be limited to 25 due to space restrictions.

The exhibition areas are on the first floor with the studio on the top floor.  It was the old Brynmawr Halifax Building Society reception.  Many people from Brynmawr will remember paying their mortgage here or topping up their savings account.

Main Exhibition Area

Visitors are welcome to sit and enjoy the art in this room where comfy sofas are provided to allow you to become totally absorbed in art. The kettle is always on so come along and meet Goff and Christine.


Fairground Art

Fairground Art is very rare these days and Goff has good reason to paint the magnificent rides as his family have been involved in fairs for hundreds of years.  The majority of his cousins own rides and visit Brynmawr regularly when the fair is in town.  There is obviously a lot of artistic talent in Goff's Dad's side of the family as many of the rides were painted by them in the past. These days the images are completed in a totally different way.  Goff uses some of the traditional ways of painting on a large scale when painting himself.

Art Workshop

There is also a workshop where Goff restores and repairs old paintings. He has been presented with some seriously damaged paintings with rips and smoke damage but has managed to restore them professionally.  Christine is also using this room to store equipment and decorate items for the showrooms.  If you have any damaged or discoloured paintings you wish to discuss, please give Goff a ring or e mail him to arrange an appointment (

 Visiting The Studio and Gallery

There have been a fair few visitors already and anyone is welcome to visit.  The gallery is open betweemn 11am and 5pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week. The phone number of the gallery is 01495 651573 but there is only someone there to answer the phone on the above days.  Unfortunately, we are unable to extend the opening days as Goff has to be able to complete paintings for sale or exhibition.

If you would like to visit outside of these times please make an appointment by e mailing us at or ringing/texting Goff on his mobile: 07814077517 or Christine 07872857741.  Please leave a message if they are unavailable to take your call.

When not in the studio Goff uses the surrounding countryside to provide visual information which he records in drawing, painting and photographic terms. This forms the basis for reference work which will be developed as future paintings progress.  Small study paintings are usually used for his ideas and these are now available for sale at Art Rooms or Martins Gallery, Abergavenny.  You will have to be quick as they are being sold very quickly.

 Upper Floor Studio (Messy Area)

The upper floor studio is a typical artists studio - all paint and chaos, although Christine has done a massive tidy up and the place is no longer recognisable. You can even have a cup of tea without it being served with a paintbrush or turps in the mug.  You dare not drink out of the upstairs kitchen facilities.

There is a sitting room away from the painting area to discuss any plans for a commissioned painting or you can sit and watch Goff creating his latest painting. 


Meeting/Sitting Room



This room is a paint-free  zone for visitors to sit and chat to Goff about his paintings.  Goff's shoes are always covered in masking tape, so check your own shoes when you leave!


Painting Room

Painting Room

Everyone loves the atmosphere of the studio and Goff has loads of visitors each week.  They may leave with masking tape on their shoes and paint on their clothes, if they aren't careful, but they are guaranteed a great time. The kettle is always on for a cuppa.

Goff doesn't use an easel but chooses to place a canvas on the wall to paint.  He constantly walks backwards and forwards checking his painting with a paintbrush in his mouth.  Take care when he turns around if you are in the room you  may leave with a stripe as well as masking tape.

Many people ask for a piece of wallpaper from the painting wall when they leave.  Its like an abstract painting when there is no painting on the wall. A frequent visitor is Goff's grandson Alfie.  His painting area is the dark green patch to the left of the orange canvas.  He also walks around with a paintbrush in his mouth.  Who knows he may inherit is grandad's artistic skills. 

On the wall are original paintings   They are both of Crickhowell Bridge, in  Crickhowell, South Wales (about 12 miles from the studio).

Part of Goff's painting experience is to sit for long periods and look at what he's done.  Before a painting is 'finished', there are always little touches before it leaves the studio. Some, unfortunately, don't get to this stage, they are painted out or put aside for a later date.

If you sit in this room its likely that Goff will continue painting while carrying on a conversation.  When he sits down its to think about the next stage of the painting - think of it as artitating!

Office and Upper Floor Water Supply (or Kitchen if you can call it that)

The painting room is not suitable for drawing or computer work and another room next to the kitchen (you don't want to look in there!) is used for this purpose.  This room is an office but as Goff constantly walks through this room to get to the kitchen sink, there is a lot of paint and masking tape around.   

OfficeYou can see a trail of paint on the floor to the kitchen and many paint containers. This room is almost as messy as the painting room. Don't ask to see the sink!  Goff's friend from Canada took photos of it as he couldn't believe the mess.




Upper Floor Toilets

There are both male and female toilets in the building but they are on the top floor.  To make it worthwhile climbing the stairs you will be greeted by Elvis and Marilyn Monroe on the little boys and girls rooms.

 Visiting the Studio and Gallery

Goff and Christine are also more than happy to see people at weekends and evenings by appointment. Please be aware there are stairs to the first floor showroom and another flight of stairs to the studio/toilets at the top of the building.