The Boy from the Big Hill – Music CD


The Boy from the Big Hill

Huw Simmonds & Rob Parrett

The music was inspired by and based on the lives, times and stories that connect the unique historic links, community and character of the area from Brynmawr, (The Big Hill), down through Clydach Gorge to Gilwern on the outskirts of Abergavenny.

The music combines to convey a historical travelogue with the opening instrumental setting the scene and then each track capturing a place or moment in time, through beautifully crafted songs and musical soundscapes, exploring a region that was irrevocably transformed in the 19th century by the iron, limestone and coal industries. It is now a fascinating area where nature has reclaimed the landscape but still reveals its intriguing historical past.

Special limited edition available on CD only.

Produced by Cool Fossil Music –    Images used for the cover and booklet courtesy of Goff Danter